The Corfiotes call him the “All-Ruler”. For the Venetians it was the “Monte San Salvatore”. The Pantokrator in Corfu is one of the most beautiful destinations on the island. The highest mountain of Corfu with its proud height of 900 meters is located in the northeast of Corfu and offers breathtaking views in good weather!

To the east you can see the coast of Epirus and even Albania, to the north your gaze sweeps over lush green mountain slopes, and to the northwest the offshore islands of Othoni, Erikoussa and Mathraki appear. The view of Corfu town with the harbor and airport is incomparable.

Monastery Ypsilos Pantokrators

Via a narrow asphalt road you will reach the top of Pantokrator, where the original monastery of Ypsilos Pantokratoras was built in the 14th century. Destroyed two centuries later during the Turkish sieges, it was rebuilt from 1689 by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.

To this day, the monastery of Ypsilos Pantokrators plays an important role in the life of the islanders. For the annual church consecration on August 6, believers from the surrounding villages make a pilgrimage to the summit. The narrow access road is correspondingly busy. So if you are planning a trip to Pantokrator on this day or in general during high season, we recommend parking below the mountain and walking the last half hour.

Distance from the house: 73 Km 1,5 hrs