28 01, 2023



Angelokastro, the ruins of a fortress perched on a 300-meter cliff, is one of the most beautiful viewpoints on Corfu. The view sweeps over the bay of Paleokastritsa with its wonderful beaches. In [...]

28 01, 2023

Vlacherna Monastery


On a tiny islet off the Kanoni peninsula is the whitewashed monastery of Vlacherna. It is connected to the mainland by a long wooden jetty and is an enchanting photo motif, especially in the evening [...]

Vlacherna Monastery2023-01-28T10:23:32+01:00
28 01, 2023

The Achilleion


The famous Sissi Palace on Corfu, who doesn't know it? Empress Elisabeth of Austria had the estate built on her favourite island with its beneficial climate [...]

The Achilleion2023-01-28T10:19:58+01:00
28 01, 2023

Kap Drastis


A worthwhile excursion destination at the other end of Corfu - Cape Drastis with its limestone cliffs is a fantastic photo motif! Combine the excursion with a short hike. From the village of [...]

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28 01, 2023



The Corfiotes call him the "All-Ruler". For the Venetians it was the "Monte San Salvatore". The Pantokrator in Corfu is one of the most beautiful destinations on the island. The highest mountain of [...]

28 01, 2023

Lake Korission


The lagoon of Korission is located on the southwest coast of Corfu directly behind the sandy beach of Halikounas. Orchids, white lilies, cedar and tamarisk [...]

Lake Korission2023-01-28T09:52:24+01:00
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