Survey about windmills of Lasithi Plateau.

Helping include Lasithi windmills in the Greek  National Index of Intangible Cultural Heritage - Ministry of Culture.

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National Index of Intangible Cultural Heritage, of the Hellas Ministry of Culture and Sports

Our proposal has already passed to the 2nd stage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports - Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage, entitled "Water Resources Management: The Windmills of the Lassithi Plateau of Crete" (18 out of 25 proposals). "Erotokritos' tradition in Crete" and "The agro-nutritional tradition of carob tree in Crete" constitute two more proposals submitted by Crete.

Municipality of Lasithi Plateau

The Lasithi Plateau stretches 11 km (6.8 mi) in the E-W direction and 6 km (3.7 mi) in the N-S direction. It  lies at an average altitude of 840 m (2,760 ft). Winters can be harsh and snow on the plain and surrounding mountains can persist until mid-spring. The plateau is famous for its white-sailed windmills, (more accurately, wind-pumps), made to a local design, that have been used for two centuries to irrigate the land. Despite there being around 10,000 in the past, most of them have been abandoned in recent times in favour of modern diesel and electric pumps. Because the water table is close to the surface of the ground, all burials in cemeteries are above ground, in a stone mausoleum, or a stone box with decorations. This is because the plateau is endorheic, and there is impermeable rock just below the surface of the ground. 

Peripatos Cultural Company

Peripatos is a cultural company, which consists of a group of people that share common interest for heritage, community and sustainability. Through services related to the preservation, maintenance and promotion of culture, it aims to raise public awareness and stimulate society’s active participation in cultural assets and events.


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